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Career   The career missionary program is the backbone of GFA Missions. Career missionaries have the distinct privilege and great responsibility of giving themselves over to a full-time ministry of the propagation of the Word of God. In addition to those who are seeking to serve on fields where GFA already has ministries, we are sincerely interested in and wholeheartedly supportive of those who are considering pioneer mission work. 

Special Assignment   The special-assignment ministry program was designed to give retired and experienced servants of the Lord opportunity to use their experience to assist missionaries on the field. The program covers a broad range of missionary activity such as short-term assistance in focused evangelism efforts, teaching a block course at a Bible institute, or replacing career missionaries while they are on furlough.


Short-term   The short-term missionary program provides opportunity for the placement of temporary volunteers with career missionaries to accomplish specific ministry goals within a limited period of time.


cravenwwitnessingbabalongeditedsmStrategic Internship Program   SIP provides a two- to nine-week mentoring experience under a veteran missionary to an active and dedicated Christian. 


Teens in Missions   Teens in Missions exposes an active and dedicated Christian teen to life and ministry on the mission field under a veteran missionary for two to four weeks.


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