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A GFA missionary expressed that "the GFA home office is more valuable than the suspension systems of their deputation vehicles." The leadership and staff at GFA function as a team with local churches to support, trouble-shoot, encourage, and facilitate our missionaries on or off the field. 


Dr. Mark Batory

Executive Director
Dr. Batory and his wife Paula served as missionaries in Mexico before joining the GFA home office staff in 1985. Since January of 1991, he has held the position of Executive Director. The Batorys spend much time with GFA missionaries around the world and also speak in missions conferences throughout the United States.


Dr. Alan Patterson

Administrative Director

Dr. Alan Patterson and his wife Jan served as missionaries in Japan for 17 years, during which time he planted the Calvary Baptist Church in Nagoya. In 2002 Dr. Patterson accepted the invitation of GFA to return to the States to become an administrative director. He administrates GFA’s short-term programs and represents GFA in local churches and Christian colleges. He is actively involved in missionary recruitment, teaches missionary courses on the seminary level, and travels with Jan to several mission fields each year to strengthen and encourage GFA missionaries.


Dr. M. R. Privett

Director of Church Planting & Development

Dr. Privett and his wife Sheri planted Faith Baptist Church in Williamsburg, Virginia, in 1990 and served there 21 years. In August 2011 the Privetts moved to South Carolina, where Michael is now one of the administrative directors at GFA overseeing church planting and development. He has written a book, based on his dissertation, entitled Why On Earth Are There Churches? The Biblical Mission of the Local Church. Dr. Privett spends his time away from the office mentoring preachers and ministering in local churches both in America and all over the world. In addition, the Privetts lead weekend local church conferences on topics such as “The Bible & Finances,” “God’s Plan for the Family,” and “The Keys to Unlocking the Will of God.” The Lord has blessed them with three adult children.


Rev. Dale Crawford

Administrative Director

Dale Crawford and his wife Lisa were GFA missionaries in Cameroon before joining the home office staff in 2000. Dale is the administrative director over finance and operations. Outside of the office he enjoys serving as music director at Trinity Bible Church in Greer, SC. 


Dr. Bud Bierman

Staff Evangelist

Dr. Bud Bierman is the staff evangelist for GFA.  From 2006 to 2011 he served as director of church planting. He previously held the position of director of alumni affairs and staff evangelist for the Bob Jones University Alumni Association for 35 years. Prior to being the director of alumni affairs, Dr. Bierman pastored the First Baptist Church of Westfield, New York, for nearly seven years.


Mr. Michael West

Special Assignment Coordinator

Michael West was appointed special assignment coordinator in 2006. Michael and his family have been part of the special assignment program since 2003, when they served in Nova Scotia. They have also served in England as furlough replacements for GFA missionaries. Michael develops tentmaking opportunities where needed for visa purposes and assists GFA on a volunteer basis. He is vice president of investments for West Wealth Management of Raymond James & Associates.


Inge Cannon

Executive Assistant

Mrs. Inge Cannon is a graduate of Bob Jones University and University of Illinois. She comes to GFA with many years of experience serving in Christian schools and helping home educators. Inge is married to Dr. Ronald Cannon, who is a retired Air Force officer. Ron fulfilled many assignments around the world as a military hospital administrator before meeting Inge. In August 2017, Ron and Inge will celebrate 30 years of joyful marriage. 


Chris Dewey


After retiring as a BJU faculty member in 2008, Chris began volunteering at GFA. She assists other office workers with preparing prayer letters for mailing, checking work fund reports, notifying missionaries about insurance EOBs, and cataloging Dreisbach Library books. In addition to her work in the office, she assists in the literature ministry at Faith Ministries.


Kathy Dewey

Special Projects

After six years of working in offices at Bob Jones University and then six months of missionary ministry in Scotland, Kathy began her service at GFA in 1968. She has assisted all four of the men who have been executive director of the mission. She now handles special projects, serves in an advisory capacity, and enjoys interacting with missionaries.


Sarah Hartwig

Administrative Assistant/Presentation Designer

Sarah Hartwig came to GFA in 2004 after serving three years in Papua New Guinea as a short-term missionary with the Michael Berbin family. She currently serves as the administrative assistant to Dr. Patterson, planning recruiting events, publications and ads, and our annual Ministry Advance Training Retreat for deputees. In addition, she assists our missionaries in creating deputation and furlough DVD presentations.  


Faith Larson


Faith Larson joined the GFA team in March 2016. She completed her MBA in 2012 and has worked several years in the financial field in the Greenville area. She is responsible for processing credit card donations as well as other finance-related services.


Ruth Langendorfer

Administrative Assistant

Ruth came to GFA in the fall of 2014 after working as an administrative assistant in a dental office for over five years. Her main responsibility is processing  donations and sending receipts to donors. Additionally, she assists our missionaries with their monthly work fund reports.


Janet Resue

Graphic Design

Janet Resue began working at the GFA home office in October of 1990. She handles the formatting and mailing of prayer letters for many of the GFA missionaries. She also designs prayer cards, brochures, and other materials, in addition to doing the layout and formatting of The Dividend and numerous in-house publications.


Priscilla Sholler

Administrative Assistant

Priscilla Olivero joined the staff in May of 2001 after serving as a short-term missionary in Siberia. She married Dwayne Sholler in August 2016. Priscilla serves as the administrative assistant to Dale Crawford, and also organizes the GFA Family Conference and the GFA Board meeting.


Nancy Smith


Nancy Smith came to GFA in July 2015 after church planting with her husband in Northwest Ohio until he unexpectedly went home to be with the Lord in April 2014. Besides being the "voice of GFA," Nancy handles a variety of secretarial responsibilities. She has four children.