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Dave and Donna Utter

Status: On the Field
Location: Oceania
Field: Marshall Islands
Ministry: Camp Ministry, Church Planting



David and Donna Utter have been ministering in the Marshall Islands since the fall of 1988. Donna grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, while David is from the northeastern U.S. They met at Bob Jones University, and they graduated and married in the summer of 1982. Following graduate school, a year of traveling to Christian schools representing BJU, and some linguistics studies, they went to the Marshalls to plant churches. They worked as a team with Eric and Barb Fisher. The Utters have two sons: John and Daniel. Their family website is www.utterfamily.org , and they have a ministry website, much of it in Marshallese, at www.marshallsforchrist.org .

The Lord has established Laura Baptist Church on the western end of the main atoll of Majuro in the Marshalls. Not many men have responded to the Gospel yet, and the Utters' prayer is for men whom they can train to carry on and spread the work. The people are quite religious as well as superstitious, and there is a great need for a clear proclamation of the Gospel.

In addition to the church-planting work, Dave and Eric translated the books of Jeremiah through Malachi into Marshallese and revised the rest of the Bible, which was translated by Congregational and Presbyterian missionaries 150 years ago. The complete Bible is now in its second printing and is well received. Other aspects of the ministry include a summer youth camp on a small island across the lagoon, weekly messages on the government owned radio station, and bi-weekly evangelistic articles in the newspaper. 

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