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Randy and Elena Smith

Status: On the Field
Location: Oceania
Field: Papua New Guinea
Ministry: Church Planting



The Lord first led Randy and Elena Smith to Papua New Guinea as furlough replacement missionaries for the Michael Berbin family from July 2004 to August 2005. During that time, Randy and Elena, as well as their 5 children - Susanna, Matthias, Marcus, Priscilla and Joanna - fell in love with ministry and life in New Guinea. They returned to the US desiring to return to PNG but feeling as though they didn't have clear direction from the Lord.

Early in 2006 GFA again asked Randy whether he would consider another furlough replacement ministry, this time in Kiari, a village literally at the "end of the road" in the Simbu Province. Missionaries Jon and Shelley Calhoun had established a church, Bible school, Christian school and clinic ministry. In January 2007 the Smiths transitioned to career missionaries, building on the good foundation the Calhouns had laid in Kiari.

Jeff and Elizabeth Owens and Karen Hall presently minister with the Smiths in Kiari. With the help of their coworkers, the Smiths plan to continue each of these ministries and to reach out to the surrounding villages.

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