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Fred and Tabea Foster

Status: On the Field
Location: Europe
Field: Germany
Ministry: Church Planting, Formal Bible Training


Fred and Tabea were both saved in their teens through the ministries of their home churches. Their three children and church-planting ministries have gone together--one girl was born in each town where they have worked.

Marianne was born in Karlsruhe, where they worked together with Dave and Debbie Jelliff until 1985. Stephanie was born in Heidelberg, where they assisted Reinhard and Marie-Jeanne Mutzke from 1985-1991. Sarah was born in Sinsheim, where they have labored since 1991, working alongside Bill and Karen Lowry from 1992 to 2005.

Parallel to various responsibilities in three church-planting ministries, they also helped prepare the way for the Christian school in Heidelberg by curriculum translation and advance liaison.

They developed a three-year mobile Bible school which has serviced over 50 students in 9 churches since 1998. 

They also provided some work detail and background support for camp, music publishing, and Islamic outreach ministries. The Fosters current goal:  focus on full-time Bible school by 2012 while continuing to help the church planting ministry in Sinsheim.

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