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Brad and Krischa McKenzie

Status: On the Field
Location: Europe
Field: Germany
Ministry: Church Planting


Brad and Krischa McKenzie have ministered full‑time in Germany since 1992. Krischa grew up near Tübingen, Germany in the ministry of her parents, Jürgen and Joan Matthia. Brad's father was a pastor who encouraged Brad toward missions by reading from missionary biographies and taking an active interest in missionaries.

Brad and Krischa met in music theory class at Bob Jones University in 1980. After marrying in 1985, they entered into short‑term ministry in Tübingen, Germany for 13 months (1986‑1988) before joining GFA. Brad was ordained at Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Greenville, SC, and then they returned to Tübingen.

Together with Kevin and Carol Matthia, they began a two‑year ministry in youth and music before answering the call of the Lord in 1994 to plant a church in Magdeburg (former East Germany).

Kevin and Carol also felt led of the Lord to go to Magdeburg and are serving with Brad and Krischa. Work in the formerly communist region is slow, but the church is pressing toward the goal of becoming indigenous.

Brad has for years supported Kevin in the camp ministry, preaching frequently and ministering in the camp music. Brad was the editor of a new camp songbook that was released in January 2008.

The McKenzies have 10 children: Dalene, Danae, Derek, Devon, Donia, Doreen, Dustin, Danika, Donovan, and Danielle.

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