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Bill and Glenda Davis

Status: On the Field
Location: Europe
Field: Germany
Ministry: Christian School, Church Planting



Bill and Glenda Davis work alongside the Mutzke family in Heidelberg and are involved in both church and school ministries. Bill's church involvement includes regularly-shared preaching, shared teaching of the adult Sunday school class, holding young adult meetings and biblical counseling.

The Davises both regularly disciple new believers and counsel others. Bill and Glenda began a children's church ministry and were able to involve and hand it over to the Germans. A special joy for Bill is helping men in their teaching and preaching in Sunday school, children's church, youth group, young adult meetings and Wednesday evening meetings. The Davises also work in the organization and execution of the church's summer and winter retreats.

The Davises are extensively involved with outreach ministries through monthly distribution of gospel tracts and other literature in downtown Heidelberg, organizing and participating in school Christmas programs, and monthly nursing home ministries.

They oversee hospitality and the logistics of visiting ministry groups or individuals. A special delight for them is involvement in the choir and special programs.

They consider it a privilege to minister to students of the University of Heidelberg, Germany's oldest University and home to students from many nationalities.

Bill serves on the Christian school board, oversees the building maintenance and purchasing, and supports the Mutzkes by counseling and advising teachers and parents. Glenda and school parents put on the "Teacher Appreciation Banquet" at the beginning of each school year so the graduating class can spoil their teachers royally at least one night of the year.

The Davises have seven children. Their oldest, Heather, married Jason Armstrong on May 15, 2010. They are GFA missionaries to Monterrey, Mexico, where Jason teaches at the UCLA (Christian University of Latin America). Jason and Heather have two children. Dawn married Keith Lewis on May 15, 2009. Keith is pastor at Trinity Baptist Church in Concord, NH. They have three boys and are expecting their fourth in 2017. Crystal married Joel McAllister June 19, 2010. Joel is youth pastor at Grace Baptist Church in Parker, CO. They have two children. Heidi married Loren Crisp May 12, 2014. She is an at-home paralegal while Loren serves in speech pathology in Indianapolis, IN. They are expecting their first child in 2017. William, after one great year at BJU, married Marianna Block (a German) March 28, 2015 and is working and living Frankfurt, Germany. They have a son and are expecting their second in 2017.  William earned his wings as a flight assistant for Lufthansa Dec. 27, 2016. The church in Heidelberg sent Anna to Monterrey, Mexico, for a year to help her sister, Heather. Carolina is helping and involved in the ministry on the field.

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