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Brian and Erin Bollon

Status: Furlough
Location: Asia
Field: Taiwan
Ministry: Church Planting


Brian was born in 1978 and grew up in southern Michigan. His Christian parents took him to church faithfully, and he accepted Christ when he was about 5 years old. God called him to the ministry and burdened his heart for missions. While at Bob Jones University training for ministry, he met Erin. Born in Michigan in 1981, Erin grew up hearing the gospel but she did not personally put her faith in Christ until she was 15. She also had an interest in missions, and attended Bob Jones University to prepare.

Erin earned a bachelor's degree in Christian missions, completing a summer internship with GFA missionary Michael Berbin in Papua New Guinea along the way. Convinced that she should thoroughly prepare to disciple and counsel women on the mission field, she then earned a Master's degree in Theology. Brian earned a bachelor's degree in Bible. After a short-term missionary ministry in South Korea, he later returned to BJU to earn both a Master's degree in Bible and a Master of Divinity degree.

Although Brian and Erin had been preparing for ministry for many years, they did not have a clear sense of the Lord's specific direction until Brian was almost finished with seminary.

God gave them an interest in Chinese people, then called them to reach and disciple the ethnic Chinese of Taiwan. A survey trip in 2008 gave them a first-hand glimpse of the field and allowed them to meet their future co-laborers.

The Lord has given them four children, Bella (2007), Emmett (2009), Arthur (2010), and Owen (2012). They are looking forward to serving the Lord as a family in Taiwan.

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