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Wally and Becky Jaworski

Status: On the Field
Location: Oceania
Field: Australia
Ministry: Camp Ministry, Church Planting



Wally Jaworski became burdened for the needs of Australia while spending a summer there.  He made plans to return after marrying Becky and finishing an M.A. in pastoral studies at Bob Jones University. The Lord directed them to Ingham, Queensland, a predominately Roman Catholic community.

Wally began pastoring Ingham Independent Baptist Church which - through the Lord's work and the Jaworskis' faithfulness - has become a strong independent fundamental church. Throughout the years it has sent numerous young people out into ministry. Wally and Tracy Minnick work closely together in a Bible institute called Berean Bible Institute, which grounds their people more thoroughly in the Scriptures and prepares them for ministry.

Prompted by the wrong philosophy and lack of discipline they saw in the public schools, Wally and Becky started Hinchinbrook Christian School in 1983. Becky uses her training and experience as an elementary teacher to teach in the school. It has grown to a Prep-12 school with day and distance education students. Becky is the principal of the school, and Debbi Minnick is the distance education coordinator.

As a leader in the fundamental movement in northern Queensland, Wally assists Tracy Minnick with producing Wellsprings, a publication designed to encourage and aid pastors in Australia.

Wally has also been instrumental in starting Camp Benaiah, a camp ministry benefiting fundamental churches in northern Queensland through its youth and family camps. In 2002, Pete Blake became camp director.

The Jaworskis have three adult children, all of whom live in Australia and are active in Bible-believing churches.

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