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Melvin and Susan Purvis

Status: On the Field
Location: North America
Field: Puerto Rico
Ministry: Formal Bible Training



Melvin and Susan Purvis are both from Birmingham, Alabama. They met while Melvin was serving in the U.S. Navy and were married on August 15, 1970. They moved to Greenville, South Carolina, in the fall of 1975 in order for Melvin to attend Bob Jones University. They already had one child when they moved, and two more were born while Melvin was in school. He graduated in 1981, and the Purvises started deputation for the country of Chile a short time later. While on deputation, their fourth child was born. The family arrived in Chile on Thanksgiving Day, 1985, and planned to be there for the rest of their lives, or until old age made an effective ministry impossible.

Slightly over 20 years later, the Lord brought the Purvises back to the U.S.A. in answer to the tremendous need to reach America's approximately 43 million Hispanics. The Lord clearly led them to settle in the Ashville, Alabama, area and opened one door after another in order to make it possible.

In the summer of 2011 the Lord begin to prepare them for another ministry.  There were a number of factors that led to their decision to go to Bayamón, Puerto Rico, but the Lord made it clear that this was His will for them. 

Melvin is the Administrative Dean of the Puerto Rico Baptist College. 

While he has a number of responsibilities as the school´s first ever A.D., the opportunity to help train students from many countries in the Hispanic world, and the personal contact with them on a daily basis are strong factors in helping Melvin and Susan decide to serve at Puerto Rico Baptist College. There is no salary with this position and Melvin and Susan are serving in Puerto Rico on missionary support.

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