Season 2, Roundtable #5: What's In Your Hand? :: Gospel Fellowship Association Missions

Season 2, Roundtable #5: What's In Your Hand?

Many of God's people hesitate to step forward as missionary laborers because they believe they need years (or decades!) of specific ministry training. God's question to Moses, "What is that in your hand?" (Exodus 4:2, NASB) reveals His ability to make use of anything we have for His good purposes. In this roundtable, Doug Bachorik (Philippines), Holly Gilbert (South Africa), Jim Knakal (Germany), and a worker serving in a Restricted Access Nation share how they have seen God use their diverse training and skills for the extension fo Christ's kingdom. 

What skills and abilities has God given you that can be used for the Great Commission cause? Have you placed yourself at the Lord's feet for Him to use as He sees fit?