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dupreyErick Duprey was born in Michigan and raised with strong Christian influences. He accepted Jesus as his Savior at the age of four with the help of a Sunday school teacher. During his teen/college years he spent several summers on church mission trips to various places around the world. The Lord strengthened his passion for missions with each trip.

After high school he enrolled in Bob Jones University's nursing program to prepare himself with skills that could be tools for mission work. He met Kara (Wilcox) at BJU and they were married in 2006 after graduation. Kara was raised in upstate New York. As a pastor's child she was raised in the atmosphere of ministry. Kara was saved at the age of four.

In 2008 they went to Papua New Guinea (PNG) as short-term missionaries with GFA for about 10 months. They came home to the USA with a desire to prepare themselves to return to PNG full-time. Erick then earned his master's degree in Biblical Counseling from BJU (2012). He also completed a church internship and was ordained by their home/sending church in the spring of 2013. A month later they began their deputation travels. They recently completed deputation and will depart for PNG in May 2015. The Lord has also blessed them with two girls, Isabelle (11/2/11) and Emily (3/2/14).

Ten months as short-term missionaries in PNG has given them a good start on the language, culture, ministry needs, and lifestyle of the country. They returned from their trip convinced that God was leading them back full-time. They have trained and prepared and now desire to invest their lives as "witnesses unto the uttermost" (Acts 1:8). They testify that, "We are excited about the ministry in PNG and we are committed to living and serving among the island's isolated mountain villages." Please visit their website for more information at www.dupreymissions.org or their facebook page, Witnesses unto the Uttermost.

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