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goldfussMike and Faith Goldfuss have been in Mexico City, Mexico, since September of 1995. Mike and Faith grew up together in Mentor, Ohio, going to the same church and Christian school. They became high school sweethearts and were married in May 1992 after both finished their undergraduate and most of their postgraduate studies at Bob Jones University.

They have seven children: Michael John II, Cristiana Faith, Carissa Grace, Crystalyn Joy, Matthew Josiah, Cherith Hope, and Caralyn Joy. The Lord took Crystalyn Joy to Himself in 2001 after just three months of life. The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord (Job 1:2b). The Goldfusses have a website at http://bigmexicocity.blogspot.com/.

The first year that Mike and Faith spent in Mexico City, they helped Tom and Jean Zartman, another GFA couple who were located about 25 minutes away. During that year, they spent time getting the Gospel out in their neighborhood. After about a year, four or five people regularly went with them to the Zartmans' church, and they decided it was time to start a local assembly in their own living room.

They have seen over 1000 different people attend services throughout the years. Many leave, but several have stayed, and little by little, the Lord is building His church. About 60 people regularly attend on Sunday. There are a lot of professing Christians in Mexico City but seemingly very few true converts to Christ. Although the work has been slow in many ways, the Lord is calling out a people for Himself.

Throughout the years, the difficulty has been in finding faithful men. There are several in the church now. Mike holds a men's meeting once a month to develop these men, and he also gives them opportunities to preach. Mike and Faith are praying that the Lord will provide the right man to take over the church so that they can go to another part of the city and plant another church.



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