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crain2012 Matt and Rebekah Crain minister in Papua New Guinea with the Michael Berbin family. Matthew grew up in Pennsylvania, while Rebekah spent much of her childhood as a MK in the Philippines. They both graduated from Bob Jones University where Matthew studied missionary aviation and Rebekah studied elementary education. The Lord's direction in the Crains' lives testifies to how the Lord can use short-term mission opportunities to direct people to full-time service.

Both Matthew and Rebekah first went to PNG as single short-term missionaries. They met in PNG, and the Lord directed their lives to marriage while serving there together. After finishing deputation as a couple, they returned to PNG in July 2007 and are continuing their work there.

Though varied, the nature of their PNG ministry is centered around Rapture Baptist Church and Victory Baptist Church. Matthew administrates and Rebekah teaches at South Simbu Christian Academy. This educational training ministry is for the purpose of training nationals in the basics of education to use in future ministry within the churches of PNG. In 2008 they graduated their first class of 6th graders. See www.southsimbu.com for more information on the school.

In addition, Matthew helps Mike Berbin in other aspects of the work including outreach preaching, a choir ministry, and Sunday school with the young men of the church. In addition, he is responsible for all the trips to town for supplies for the team. Matt and Rebekah have a son, Nathan Shannon. front_4



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