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dave-and-marilyn2014Dave and Marilyn Janke, have been planting churches in Canada for 32 years. Dave grew up in Denver, Colorado, and Marilyn was born in Bakersfield, California. In 1976 they met at Bob Jones University and both graduated in 1977.

Marilyn enjoys writing for Frontline magazine and her website is: http://www.ribtickler.org/. She has also produced two CD's, Lord, Change Me and Homesick For Heaven.
In 1982, they began planting a church in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba. At that time Winnipeg had a population of over 600,000, and had only two small fundamental works. After four years, they were able to turn it over to the assistant pastor who is a Canadian.
In 1987, they began working with an established but very new ministry in Abbotsford, British Columbia. The small congregation was struggling, but during their time there they saw a number of folk saved. They also challenged the people to pay off the mortgage early. The church folk responded by doubling their monthly payments, and in October 1997 they were able to realize their goal of being debt free.
In 1998, they took up the further challenge of beginning a brand new work in Mission, British Columbia.  As well, Dave has held evangelistic meetings close to the Arctic Circle which planted the seeds for the establishing of another work. They have also helped other sister churches stay on their feet while waiting for the arrival of another pastor.
The Jankes have four children: Esther and her husband, Paul; David and his wife, Allie; Anna; Sara and her husband, Nathaniel.


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