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wrightj Jim and Jenna Wright and their children, Caleb, Grace and Andrew, worked for several years in the far north province of Cameroon, near Lake Chad, reaching out to the Kotoko people. Jim grew up in Zanesville, Ohio, and Jenna on the mission field of Paraguay, South America. Both attended Bob Jones University, made short-term mission trips to Africa, met again on the campus of BJU, and were married in May 2000.

After deputation and language school in France, the Wrights arrived in Northern Cameroon in 2005. They made friendships among these Muslims, learned the Kotoko langauge and engaged in much "seed-planting" among these peoples bound in the fear of Islam and Animism. In addition to reaching out to Muslims, the Wrights they assisted in teaching some of the non-Muslim people groups who have started Bible studies. In two villages, small groups of believers have asked for Bible teaching and preaching.

The goal is that these Bible studies will grow into indigenous churches with trained national leadership who are burdened to reach their Muslim neighbors. Several Cameroonian men have attended a Bible training course begun in 2006. The Kotoko language was recently put into writing and a lexicon and grammar are now available. This tribe of some 160,000 people spread across Nigeria, Northern Cameroon, and Chad, do not yet have the privilege of a Bible, or even a New Testament, in their own language. Prayer is needed to open doors for the gospel and to call workers to this pioneer and primitive mission field.

By God's providential hand, the door to ministry in Northern Cameroon closed in early 2012, and the Lord led the Wrights to start a new work in the country of Georgia in 2014.  They are beginning language training and assisting other missionaries as they seek where the Lord would have them plant a church. wrightfamily201404


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